About Me

Over at my regular blog, twentysomething, I chronicle all the thoughts and emotions involved in living the life of a twentysomething in the big city. That means the big things, the little things, and everything in between.

This project, Simply a Day at a Time, is my [ second third] attempt at a photo-a-day project. The last time I tried this, I put too much pressure on myself to take [and edit] perfect photos every single day, 365 days a year. This year, a few things happened: I got tired of lugging my DSLR around [and then it broke], I got an iPhone, and I managed to scrounge up a renewed sense of passion for the photo-a-day project. So here you have it, folks.

There are two rules:
1. I can use my iPhone.
2. There is no "boring" shot. That is what stopped me from updating the last time I tried it.

I'm excited, a year from now, to look back at the changes this year will have brought. This is one simple, no-pressure, and far-from-perfect way for me to do that.